WPPI and the Road Trip Back on the Leica D’lux 6

arizona sunset

Welp.  I’m back from WPPI in Vegas.  I’m not sure how we survived, but we did.  It was an amazing trip in so many ways.  An emotional rollercoaster arriving for the Print Competition and seeing a few of my prints judged; live and in person.  I’m not sure there is a more terrifying thing than that.  Moving on..

Recently, I purchased the Leica D’Lux 6 camera for just random fun trips, and nights out with friends.  I really can’t say more about this camera than its incredibly impressive.  I’ll let you see for yourself but for a “point and shoot”, its latitude in post is quite surprising.  Check it out…

To all the people who I met, or spent time with at WPPI.  You are all 12’s!  Amazing, ridiculously kind wonderful people..

2014-03-28_00012014-03-28_00042014-03-28_0005junebug winners2014-03-28_00072014-03-28_00082014-03-28_0009pretty bow tie2014-03-28_00112014-03-28_00122014-03-28_00132014-03-28_00142014-03-28_00152014-03-28_00162014-03-28_00172014-03-28_0018geoff duncan2014-03-28_00202014-03-28_00212014-03-28_0022wppi view2014-03-28_00242014-03-28_0025mgm sky2014-03-28_00272014-03-28_0028wedding ring tattoo2014-03-28_00302014-03-28_00312014-03-28_00322014-03-28_0033arizona sunset2014-03-28_00352014-03-28_00362014-03-28_00372014-03-28_00382014-03-28_00392014-03-28_00402014-03-28_00412014-03-28_0042marfa texas dan flavindan flavindan flavin2014-03-28_0046

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