the lion vs the gorilla |

first let me start with this, i’m a complete fool.  like, too silly to even understand.  to celebrate my 30th birthday and my good friend jeff we really wanted something really really childish to display at our party.  i also was looking to christen my new semi-studio i built out at in my home.  i am a child at heart, and jeff very much is too at we chose the below.  don’t judge us.  what i did learn from this, and this past weekend is that you can truly be a kid forever.  yes, pay your bills, have your responsibilities but making a fool of yourself is not only liberating, but pretty damn funny.  i have a saying, not sure where i heard it, but it has stuck with me, “I will never grow old.  I’ll just die.”

taken by melissa fitzgerald

edited by joseph west

respect the lion.

love the gorilla.


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