Joseph Was Here: Brooklyn

Finally catching up!  I know..I know..not many blog posts lately.  Well, I’ve been busy.  So, you’ll be seeing the fruits of my labor over the next few weeks!  Here is a little personal blog TRAVELS 🙂  After visiting West Point for the ultra-beautiful wedding for Seth & Brittany (coming soon), I ventured south to the BIG Apple.  The first night included Westville, The Pee Wee Herman Show on Broadway, and Fat Cat.

I really just said the Pee Wee Herman show.  I have no words for that show other than, “I know you are but what am I?”  It was amazing..mostly for a kid growing up only having a few of them being CBS, and watching a grown man ride a scooter day in and day out.  Anyway, after Manhattan, I ventured to Brooklyn to visit a friend of mine (Aaron Purkey) who has the most impeccable memory of any human I’ve met.  Ridiculous.  The last night/day included Barcade, and biking over the Williamsburg Bridge, and 5th Ave traffic.

SUCH a fun+tiring trip.  Where will I end up next?

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