That time I got to shoot Johnnyswim

Amanda Sudano singing

A year ago the creator of The Serial Box Presents texted me on a Friday night, “Want to come shoot some Joseph West Black and Whites for a Serial Box tonight?”  I said yes, showed up..and then was blown away.  Unfortunately, I had no idea who Johnnyswim was at that moment.  From first meeting Abner and Amanda they both were incredibly nice while I was shooting “behind the scenes” during setup.

Then shit got real.  Everyone went quiet to begin the first take.  Complete silence, and Abner bellowed out the beginning of “Home”.  Those next 4 minutes and 32 seconds are forever seared into my brain.  If you listen..we actually applauded them.  They were moving.  Their voices seemed to compliment each other in a way I’ve never seen in person.  And then there was the chemistry between them..the adorable, ridiculous chemistry that made the music feel even more.  Something I’ve never heard nor seen; mostly in a small coffee shop off of Washington.

I’ll finish up.  I was able to spend about 20 minutes after grabbing a few photos of them together.  Thankfully, my experience spending time with couples in absolute love served me well.  I asked the hard hitting questions..and they answered with light in their eyes.  In love.  Completely.  Making lovely music.  Let’s not forget, they are both fing gorgeous people.

Check out the video here.  Serial Box Present here.  Check out Johnnyswim here.  They are amazing.  Trust me.  They have a new album.  Buy it.

photographys of johnnyswim2014-05-01_0033abner ramirez and Amanda Sudano2014-05-01_0035Amanda Sudano2014-05-01_00372014-05-01_0038Amanda Sudano2014-05-01_00402014-05-01_0041Amanda Sudano singing

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