Marfa 2012 | by video

video.  is very.  DAUNTING.  i can’t tell you how many hours this took me to me make.  i can’t tell how AMAZING it felt to finish.  what i can tell you is that i couldn’t have done it without a few people.  brittan pittman & melissa fitzgerald.  thank you BOTH.  brittan for helping me with all the nuances of premiere which i had never opened until i started this project, and to melissa for watching and listening to this least 353 times.  seriously.  thank you thank you thank you.

to all:  just to get an idea of how special this trip was.  we were also included on this show by NBC New York; which can be seen here.  every guy on the trip DID in fact hit on Ali.

to my marfians.  it was truly an HONOR to make this for us.  i say us because during this trip i think we all know we built some weird hippie shit love out there in west texas.  i love each and every one of you.  thank you SAM for putting this together.  seriously.  the most humble badass that i know.  your chuck norris without all the jokes.  the most interesting man in the world without the radio spots.  you are a remarkable man, and i think we’re all very glad to know you.

this is my first video.  but not my last.  brittan inspired me to do this by watching his summer videos over and over.  to be able to gift this video to my friends is an incredible honor.  now..i’ll shut up, and you can watch. watch it in hd. full screen. enjoy!

ps.  the black and white injection in the middle is the “tequila faces” that was spawned from marika horn’s brain.  🙂



Marf*cked 2012 from West Cam Films on Vimeo.

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