Jessica + Stanton | The Parador Jewish Wedding

Over the past several months, I have repeatedly performed a cardinal sin against myself.  You see, I have very talented friends.  Absolutely, incredibly talented friends.  I found myself looking through their work, and others [wedding] work, going WTF…how in the heck did they do this, or that, or any of it?  Dumbfounded.  Due to that, my blogging has ceased.  I have weddings in the queue just chilling.  Then it hit me yesterday – thankfully.  Something, I always tell OTHERS while mentoring…YOU DO YOU.  Don’t look at other wedding work.  Go back to what inspired you in the past, at the beginning.  So, I looked through several of my weddings in 2013 and found so many solid moments in each.  As you can see in the next few blog posts, I love hands, gestures, expressions, light, landscape, details, youth and a number of other things.  That is what has drawn me to wedding photography.  Lesson learned: You Do You, Joseph.

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Venue:  The Parador

Coordinator:  Eventology Weddings

Catering:  Behind the Bash Catering Events

Second Shooter:  Cameron Bertuzzi

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