I went to NASA | and LOVED it.

Growing up in the country, the thought of space was at my fingertips.  Every night, I had a full view of the universe.  I was the weirdo kid who would rather have ended up in space on Silver Surfer’s board, rather than a spaceship; but either way I was absolutely fascinated by it…and still am.

Thankfully, I am blessed to have several VERY talented, smart, and driven friends.  Two of those guys include Victor and Jimmy; both top secret NASA nerds.  I was invited to the Fifth installment of the NASA takeover last week; and am PUMPED to show you the photos from it.  The guys take their day off to show us around..and watch us drool like little babies.  Who knew that the buttons in the Russian Space Station look like Russian elevator buttons?  Or, did you ever stop to think that while in space DUST in one of the major issues we have due to it not settling on the ground.  Instead, we run the risk of constantly scratching our cornea due to the exposure.  These are the things that guys like Victor & Jimmy are constantly trying to research and make better.  Recreating how we live..all over again..IN F’ING SPACE!


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