Friends make the world go around

I truly believe that.  Without friends, and loved ones around us – then what are we living for?  Friends are to challenge us, inspire us, and to love us to just name a few.  Photography has been a vehicle for me to be able to meet some truly amazing creative humans.  Geoff Duncan out of Austin, Texas is one of those guys.  We met several years ago while I was attending a workshop in Austin for the ever so talented Jeff Newsom (aka. nicest man I’ve ever met).  He brought me along to a wedding in Savannah last year for Kate and Rob; and we had a hell of a time.  I couldn’t help it but turn the weekend into a portrait shoot.  Geoff recently was named one of Rangefinder’s 30 Rising Stars; and that’s just one accomplishment among many in his short life.  Geoff – keep that drive up to be better every single day.  Check his work out here.  You can also purchase the beautiful ONA Bag he is using here.2015-04-08_00012015-04-08_00022015-04-08_00032015-04-08_00042015-04-08_00052015-04-08_00062015-04-08_00072015-04-08_00082015-04-08_00092015-04-08_00102015-04-08_00112015-04-08_00122015-04-08_00142015-04-08_00152015-04-08_00162015-04-08_00172015-04-08_00182015-04-08_00192015-04-08_00202015-04-08_00212015-04-08_00222015-04-08_00232015-04-08_00242015-04-08_00252015-04-08_0026

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