Costa Rica Destination Wedding Photographer


You’re here!  If you stumbled upon this page, then you’re lucky enough to be planning your wedding in Costa Rica.  Lucky you :).

I’m Joseph.  You can read more about me here.  I’m a destination wedding photographer, and I travel all around the world to capture love stories such as yours.  I’ve been in the game since 2010 (previously an IT director/aka nerd) and have been in love with it since the day I started.  Being privileged enough to share in two peoples most monumental day is something I don’t take lightly, and recognize just how special that day is!  Marriage is..well..a beautiful celebration of two people making a conscious decision to love each other together.  Let’s go tell that story together.


If you’re searching for a photographer for your wedding in Costa Rica, I would love to hear from you.  I can’t wait to listen in on your vision for the day.

A few of my favorite recent weddings have been this beautiful one at the Langusta Beach Club in Costa Rica, and our best of slideshow from the last few years.

If you’re still reading this, then I’ve done something right :).  Reach out, lets chat more.  I’d love to be apart of your adventure, and your story.

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