WPPI Print Competition 2014

2014 WPPI Print Competition

Last year I had the chance to fly in for the weekend to attend the WPPI Print Competition.  What I learned in a few short days was invaluable to the growth of my work as an artist.  Seeing and hearing experienced and accomplished photographers from all over the world give constructive criticism to piece after piece made realize just how important the finer details in every photo we take truly is.  Let’s not forget; just how difficult printing truly is.  It’s a true art in itself.  I took that with me, and set a goal to have at least three photos hanging at the 2014 WPPI Print Competition.

A year later, we arrive a little early to see a few of my photos in the “details” category judged randomly.  It’s a gut punch; prettying fing gruesome..but also if you listen and watch with an open mind its easy to realize just how valuable constructive thoughts are.  Then it happened..Melissa and I ventured down the next morning to the area where the Best of the Best were hanging.  Any score over an 80 has the privelage to be hung amongst the rest.  Within a minute, we find one..then another..then another.  Each one hit me the same way; but I have to say to find the 3rd really completed the day for me.  Goal complete.  Lessons learned.  See below for the three that had the privelage to hang with an amazing group of artists.

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