Honorable Mention – Junebugs The Best of the Best

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Junebug runs a contest every year for “The Best of the Best” wedding photos throughout the industry worldwide.  This year is the first I’ve had the guts to enter; and honestly in my head I had 0% chance to be chosen.  But it was nice to browse through images over the past year, pulling my favorites; and how I’ve grown creatively was interesting to see!

Well, last week I received an email that my image of Cashen and Justin below was chosen as an Honorable Mention outside of the Top 50.  Which means the image made it to the final round..which is..ridiculous.  I think the girls over there are obviously talented, and have incredible taste if you look through the chosen Top 50 here.

I’m absolutely humbled to be included with so many incredible images, by some UNBELIEVABLY talented artists.  You can check out all the Honorable Mentions here.  Once again, THANK YOU JUNEBUG!


Junebug Weddings - Honorable Mention

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