Nawal + Qayem | Day 4

This post is my last; but obviously just the beginning for Nawal & Qayem.  I can’t put into words what it was like to experience these four days with their family.  Walking into a 800+ wedding spanning over multiple days is quite daunting; to say the least.  Do you know what eased me throughout the whole experience?  How genuine, and absolutely amazing Nawal & Qayem’s family was.  Staying focused over 30 hours is not easy; but when you are witnessing such love and joy due to the celebration of two wonderful people; it can come quite easy.  Let’s not sell short just how gorgeous these guys are together.  I know it sounds like I am blowing smoke; but seriously, THANK YOU to Nawal & Qayem.  I learned more than you can ever imagine during those 4 long days.  I grew as a photographer, creatively and soundly.  I wish you both the best.